Art by Alli Rath

an animal-obsessed visual artist


Alli Rath is graduate of Stanford University with BA’s in Studio Art and International Relations and an MA in East Asian Studies. Her thesis examined historical practices of duplication, mass production, and forgery in Chinese art and how those practices are referenced in contemporary Chinese art. She consistently looks to incorporate aspects of Asian art, culture, mythology, and tradition into her work while focusing on the natural world as a source for inspiration.  

Juried Exhibitions:  All Tomorrow's Parties (Thomas Welton Gallery, Stanford, CA) -- 2014

Artist's Residencies:  La Macina di San Cresci (Tuscany, Italy)

Solo Shows:  Snare (Stanford, CA) -- 2014
                           La Caccia (The Coho, Stanford, CA) -- 2015
La Caccia (La Macina di San Cresci, Greve in Chianti, Italy) -- 2014

Group Shows:  Art After Dark (Stanford, CA) -- 2012, 2014
                                MAJOR/MINOR (Stanford, CA) -- 2012
                                In Relief (Stanford, CA) -- 2013
                                Breaking Up (Stanford, CA) -- 2014
                                Frame by Frame (Stanford, CA) -- 2014 

About my recent art:

Animals have always fascinated me, and my love for all things wild appears consistently throughout my art.  My interest in animals extends into the realm of myths and fairytales, exaggerations and adaptations.  Recurring use of bones, claws, teeth, and fur in addition to colorful children's imagery allows for the creation of a sometimes playful, sometimes dark dichotomy between animals wild and tame, real and imaginary.  

My current practice focuses on immersion in the world of a particular animal both from the animal's perspective and that of the humans who often tend to anthropomorphize wild animals in popular culture, narrative, and artistic representations.  I first research the animal and its habits in the wild, and then examine this animal's role in human society across various cultures and eras.  Using this background, I then begin to tease out the differences, tensions, and contradictions between the flesh-and-blood animal and the imagined monsters and caricatures.  Finally, I seek to express these issues via various mixed media works.  I enjoy juxtaposing traditional media such as painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking with digital pieces in order to facilitate a dialogue between past and present conceptions of both the nature of art and the subject at hand.     

Instagram: @artbyallirath
Twitter: @artbyallirath

In the News:


 "Why An Art Degree is a Good Choice" in Yahoo Makers, March 2015.

Written by me:

"Talking With New Wave of Moscow Graffiti Artists" by Alli Rath, The Moscow Times, Feb. 2012.

"Abramovic Retrospective Makes Art Come Alive" by Alli Rath, The Moscow Times, Oct. 2011.

"Cultural Diplomacy and Soviet Art" by Alli Rath, Electrum Magazine, Sept. 30, 2013.

"We Can Do Better for the Arts" by Alli Rath, The Stanford Daily, Oct. 2013. 

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